How to Grow & Monetize your Instagram – ebook

I started my Instagram account in October 2017, as a way to promote my blog and share my travel photography. Thanks to my background in marketing and social media and my love of photography, I managed to grow my community to over 75k followers. After receiving countless requests on how I have managed to grow so fast, I have decided to write an e-book outlining all of my tips and marketing strategies on How to Grow & Monetize Your Instagram.

First things first you need to know that I can give you all the tips in the world to grow your account, but if you aren’t willing, or able to, dedicate time and effort into your Instagram, it will still be hard for you to grow. Success on Instagram is due to a number of different factors, from the quality of your content, to how much you post to how much you engage with other users. You will need to dedicate a lot of time, creativity and effort into your account if you truly wish to grow.

How to grow and monetize your instagram

In my 23 page e-book on How to Grow & Monetize Your Instagram, I will help you to understand:

  • How you can make the most out of your profile
  • How you can create better content
  • How to make your profile look more streamlined
  • How to work out the best hashtag strategy
  • A guide to writing engaging captions
  • Finding out the best times to post
  • How to increase your engagement
  • How to post better stories
  • Different growth hacks
  • How you can get complimentary products and hotel stays as well as being paid to produce content.

I will not be telling you to cheat the system by buying followers or likes, as not only might your account be deleted or hacked, but it is easy to spot and you risk negatively affect your organic reach and engagement.

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I have designed my ebook to be easy to read and follow, in a similar style to that of my blog. Over the course of 23 beautiful and visual pages, my ebook will explain how to pick the perfect name, how your profile photo can affect who follows you back, how you can make your content stand out and tips on when to post, as well as photography tips. I will also share exactly what I did to grow, how to reach out to hotels for a collaboration, and how you can make money through affiliate marketing and paid posts on your feed and stories.

If you purchase my ebook on How to Grow & Monetize Your Instagram, I will be happy to have a look at your Instagram profile, once you have finished reading the ebook, and offer any advice on how you can improve.

Although the theme for my Instagram @thegingerwanderlust is travel and lifestyle, the tips in my e-book can be applied to all niches. If you have any questions in regards to my ebook please send me  DM on Instagram or email me on

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13 thoughts on “How to Grow & Monetize your Instagram – ebook

  1. I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with Ellie while visiting Sydney from San Francisco in June 2018. After implementing a number of the tips she shares within this e-book, I gained more IG traction and engagement. I have also modified my approach to utilize a theme and have noticed more new people finding and engaging with me. Interestingly, last week I was traveling without internet access and had to autopost at a pre-determined time. As a result, I could neither include location with my posts nor could I engage with people as I usually do and noted significantly less engagement. I’m looking forward to implementing some of her stories tips as well. Thanks so much for creating and sharing this valuable resource with your community, Ellie! I hope to follow in your growth footsteps.

    1. Thank you so much Marielena! So happy to know that my tips are working so well for you, and interesting to know about the automated post as well!

  2. I read the ebook and I’m so impressed with all the really useful tips and tricks Ellie mentions to grow your instagram following. Not only is it really professionally designed. There’s quality advice on photography, planning your feed, engaging with the community and the various apps that you can use to help you up your game.

    Ellie’s growth is down to very hard work and all the learnings along the way. I’m sure it will be a great investment in your account, to help you grow your following. Highly recommend you download this ebook.

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