Top 10 Influencer Marketing Networks

Are you looking to monetize your Instagram? Influencer networks are a great way to proactively find paid collaborations for your social media platforms. Whether you create photos or videos, influencer marketing agencies will help you to find different brands to work with, without having to spend hours searching online. Here are my top 10 influencer networks to join.

10) Social spark

Social spark allows you to link all of the main social media channels. You can then check if their are any campaigns to apply for whilst also having your profile set up for brands to find you.

9) Shoutcart

Shoutcart has a sort of ‘shop’ of influencers where brands can search for who they want to work with by category, audience size and follower demographics. Create an account so that brands can find you.

8) The mobile media lab

They focus on Instagram campaigns and work with high profile brands like Timex, Expedia, and Puma. You can apply to join their network of influencers via their website if you have over 10k followers.

7) Neoreach

Another networking that works with a variety of social media. Sign up for brands to easily be able to find you.


6) Vetterview

Create an account and upload your proposed content and for which platform you will post it on (Facebook, Instagram, Blog, YouTube, Twitter), include your fee and then wait for a response. Vetterview works with small and large audiences.


5) ifluenz

To sign up as an influencer you will need an Instagram account with over 5k followers (and a Paypal account to receive money). Brands will then be able to find you via this platform and send a proposed rate and product for you to collaborate on.


4) TapInfluence

Set up your profile so that brands can find you. They work a lot with travel bloggers, and you can sometimes by invited on press trips via companies finding you on this platform.

3) Bloggersconnected

This is a great platform for bloggers to connect with brands and advertisers. You will need a blog that is posting regular quality content in order to be accepted.

2) Obviously

Working over 6 continents, Obviously is a great influencer network to join no matter where you are in the world! They also work across Instagram, Blogs, Twitter and Youtube.

1) Tribe

The first Influencer network that I joined and my personal favourite. It’s an app where you can view different projects, and then submit your content for their approval.


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