How to Take Better Photos (for Instagram)

Nowadays, thanks to smartphones, almost everyone has the ability to be a photographer. However, taking photos and taking GOOD photos are two completely separate things! There are hundreds of things to consider each time you take a photo, and all of these help to create a better overall photo. The ‘eye’ to create a beautiful photo comes naturally to some, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot learn how to take better photos! I have written a guide so that you can easily learn how to take better photos for instagram!

Instagram is a VISUAL platform. So the more visually appealing your photos are, the better they’ll engage your followers. If you are looking to grow your Instagram, creating beautiful content is one of the key ingredients!


In my 50 page e-book on How to Take Better Photos (for Instagram) I will help you to understand:

  • How to know what equipment to use
  • How to shoot in manual mode
  • How to shoot in harsh light
  • How to create a sun flare
  • Night photography tips
  • How to make the most of photos in bad weather
  • Everything you need to know about photo composition
  • How to make the most of a photo when editing
  • How to create your own presets
  • Tips for solo travellers (what equipment to use and how to shoot with a tripod)
  • How to get your photos to have the same feel
  • Best mobile editing apps
  • Instagram photography tips
  • How I would improve my own photos

In this guide on How to take better photos for Instagram I will share all my top tips on how to take beautiful photos, with specific secrets on what works for Instagram.

I have designed my ebook to be easy to read and follow, in a style similar to that of my blog. Over the course of 50 beautiful and visual pages, my ebook will go over photography basics, understanding light in photography, everything you need to know about photo composition and how it can improve your photos, how to edit your photos on Lightroom and make your own presets, instagram photography tips and how I would improve my own photos.

Do you want to know how to go from taking photos like the left one to photos like the right one? Then check out my ebook on How to take better photos for Instagram!

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Although photography and content creation is very important to growing your Instagram, it is not the only contributing factor. If you want to learn more about how to grow and monetise your Instagram you can check out my other ebook!

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