10 Best Free Lightroom Presets

If you use Lightroom to edit your photos then you have probably discovered the “presets” you can create and/or import. Presets make editing so much easier and faster by saving all of the changes you might make to a particular photo such as the exposure, colours, clarity etc – kind of like adding a filter in Instagram. As each photo differs in both light and content it is good to have a selection of different presets so you can look through them and see what works best!

I create my own presets but I also enjoy looking at what free presets are out there and here are my top 10 free Lightroom presets, enjoy! If you want to check out my presets then head to my shop.

If you want to learn more about editing on Lightroom in general, check out my ultimate guide to editing on Lightroom!


1) Faded Portraits 2

This is quite a versatile preset, it will work with both portraits and landscapes as long as there is not too much bright white space. As you can see it adds a sort of washed out vintage look.

2) Faded Portraits 9

This preset is definitely not versatile but I love the orange hues. Perfect for sunset photos or bright white landscape photos needing a bit of colour.

3) Instafilm

Add an instant 70s vibe with this preset! It removes vibrancy similar to the Faded Portraits 2 without adding the white overlay look.

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Beloved Stories

4) Free-Color-Preset

This preset adds that brown vintage grain to your photo – the one that is super popular on Instagram! Great for warming up both portraits and landscapes.

You can get the free preset here on Beloved Stories!

Photography Planet

5) Boost

A subtle “boost” for your photos to add vibrancy and depth to your portraits.

Check out all of Photography Planet’s free presets here!


6) All in 1 – 0 Fresh Lime

There are 3 different “all-in-1” presets each taylored to different light so hopefully you will find one that suits your photo. These are great for landscape shots increasing the vibrancy and clarity of the image.

Download the Sleekens Starter Pack here!

Preset Love

7) sucker punch

Firstly I love the name of this preset, and it does indeed add a “punch” of colour as well as a kind of cinema vintage film overlay. Works well for both landscape and bright portrait shots.

Click here to download the Sucker Punch preset

8) Drama Queen

Probably my favourite free preset, it adds a beautiful vintage matte touch to your photos, perfect for portraits!

You can download the Drama Queen preset here!

9) Downtown

This isn’t the most flexible of presets but for bright landscape or macro photos that don’t have too many colours it adds a nice depth.

Click here to find the Downtown preset!

10) Pop Portrait

As the name suggests this preset is perfect for portraits! Similar to the “Boost” preset it adds a “pop” of colour to your photo but it also increases brightness to add a slight angelic look to your portraits.

Download the Pop Portrait preset here!

Which preset is your favourite? Share in the comments 🙂

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