How to Get More Instagram Story Views

If you are wanting to grow your Instagram, being present on all aspects of Instagram is super important. Instagram stories are a great way to remind your followers that you are there whilst also helping them to get to know you on a more personal level so that they will want to engage with your content more. After two years of running my Instagram and trying out different techniques, I have discovered a few hacks that have helped to increase my story views. In this blog post I will explain how to get more Instagram Story Views so that you can grow your Instagram.

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Instagram story views hacks

1) Show your personality

One of the best ways to ensure an engaged audience and increased story views is to show your personality, it’s what makes you unique and what can keep people interested in your Instagram.

Think about your favourite TV shows, you probably enjoy watching them because of the characters in the show (as well as the story line). Instagram stories are no different, you want your personality to shine through: share relatable topics, hardships you might encounter, make your followers laugh!

2) Show your face on your first story of the day

IMG_1425Showing your face in stories is super important in helping your audience get to know you and CARE for you and check in everyday on your profile.

I always try to start my stories with a video including myself, this way my followers will know exactly who’s stories they are watching so they are more likely to watch to the end. It also helps to set the scene for your remaining stories of that day. If you start your stories with a photo of a cup of coffee, people are less likely to be interested as it doesn’t tell a story, so they will skip out of your stories which will send a ping to the Instagram algorithm telling them that this person doesn’t enjoy your stories so they probably won’t be shown them again.

If you find it hard or awkward recording stories then try and do it when no one else is around, think about what you want to say then do it! I HATED recording stories when I first started but believe me it gets easier!

3) Write what you say on your stories

I always write what I say on the video as the majority of people won’t be watching stories with the sound on, and you don’t want them to skip the video or exit your stories just because they can’t hear what you’re saying.

However if they keep watching your stories this will send a ping to the Instagram algorithm to say to show more of your content to this person.


4) Use the Instagram story stickers to keep your audience engaged

Using the various instagram story stickers not only helps you to find out interesting information about your audience, but it also helps to make your stories more fun for your followers and it tells Instagram that so and so is interested in watching and engaging with your stories, so it’s more likely to show your stories to them!

Story stickers include:

  • Quiz
  • Poll
  • Slider
  • Questions

If you’re stuck on how to incorporate these into your stories why not try:

  • Playing a game – Show some of your old photos and ask your audience to guess where it is
  • Asking your audience for their opinions or advice on something
  • Using the slider on an amazing video or photo
  • Using the quiz to educate your followers on a specific topic

5) Get your followers to engage with your stories

Even when you’re not using the Instagram story features you still want your audience to be engaged, as this helps to tell the Instagram algorithm that people care about your content, so that Instagram knows to show it to more people.

This can include them sending responses to your stories, replying to them or even sharing your stories with others. Why not try:

  • Encouraging your followers to send you a DM, and make sure you reply! You can ask them to just say hello or maybe ask for recommendations.
  • Share interesting information/top tips about a place so your followers might want to share it with others. One of my most shared stories was one where I show a behind the scenes of how I change into a dress in the middle of a street.
  • Share funny videos or memes that will get your followers to respond with emoticons.

6) Post consistently

If you want people to regularly check in to your stories then you need to post consistently. This means trying to post a couple of stories everyday. Even if you aren’t doing anything interesting you should still try to post content on your stories, but do not sacrifice quality for quantity. Get creative with games, or talking about a specific topic or just showing what you’re up to.


7) Make your stories look pretty

One way to make your audience more engaged with your stories is to get creative with the font you use on your story. Don’t just write and post, make sure the photo is beautiful and make your writing stand out so people stop and read. Instagram will see that people care about what you’re writing and share your stories with more people.

Try these techniques:

  • Using a squiggle under your writing so it pops out
  • Use two different fonts
  • Write the same text twice and overlay it
  • Draw the first letter of the word and type the rest

8) Create stories with multiple images or videos

Did you know that we process images and video faster than our ancestors? This means our attention spans are generally decreasing too. So in order to keep your audience interested and watching your stories it can sometimes be good to put multiple images and videos within one story. Instagram notices when someone’s spends time on each of your stories and will thus share it with more of your followers as they will see that it interests people.

I use the app unfold to create unique photo and video compilations. The app is free but then you need to pay to buy more frames. I purchased the FF1 pack as it’s full of Polaroid style frames.

9) Go LIVE

Going LIVE is another great way to boost your engagement. When you go live Instagram sends a notification to your followers that you’ve gone live. This will hopefully spark their interest to see what you’re up too and it’s a great way to communicate to your followers! Just by having a follower click into your live (they don’t even need to stay long) it sends a little ping to the Instagram algorithm that they should show this person more of your content! Another great thing about going live is that Instagram will also prioritise your stories on the home feed, placing you near the top so more of your followers will see your stories!

If you’re stuck on what to say when you go live then why not have a list of questions to answer? Or talk about a specific subject or show where you currently are!


10) Use Location tag and hashtags

An easy way to get more views on your Instagram stories is to use the location tag for where you are as well as hashtags relevant to your story.

I would try to use generic big hashtags so that you’re more likely to get views. For example if you are in London, use #London.


11) Meet up with other instagram influencers so you can feature in each others stories

Stories can become a lot more fun and interesting when you get friends involved! If your friends happen to also be instagram influencers then this is another way to increase your story views as they will share your stories as well as feature you in their own (driving people to your account).


12) Promote your Instagram stories with your infeed posts

Similar to how you would promote your new posts in your stories, you can promote your stories in your new posts! Are you showing the behind the scenes of your photoshoot in your stories? Talk about it in your caption! Maybe your showing some old photos of a place you recently travelled to? Talk about it in your caption! Keep your followers engaged with your profile!


I hope these tips help you to get more views on your Instagram stories. If you want to learn more about how to grow & monetise your Instagram check out my ebook.

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