Gossip Girl Film Locations in New York City

After watching Gossip Girl there were two things I knew for sure. One, I really wanted to fly to New York City and take Manhattan by storm, and two, I really wish I had Blair and Serena’s wardrobes! Being filmed over many iconic New York spots in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, Gossip Girl will inspire you to get out and explore NYC, even if you’re a local! In this post you will find the best Gossip Girl Film Locations in New York City.

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Gossip Girl Film locations in NYC

1) The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) steps

I’m going to start the list of Gossip Girl Film Locations with one of the most iconic ones for the first few seasons. The MET steps is where Blair (and her minions) and Serena famously have lunch whilst at school.


2) Museum of the City of New York

The Museum of the City of New York is used to portray the entrance to Constance Billard School for girls and St. Jude School for boys.

3) Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station is not just an iconic train station but it also appears in a number of Gossip Girl episodes including the opening scene where Serena appears for the first time in the pilot episode. It’s also completely free to enter.

grand central station NYC-1

4) The Campbell Apartment

While you’re at Grand Central Station, make sure you check out another Gossip Girl film location, the Campbell Apartment. This bar is where the infamous scene of Serena and Nate takes place during the first episode.

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5) Bethesda Terrace

Not only is Bethesda Terrace a beautiful photo spot in Central Park, it also appears in a few episodes of Gossip Girl. Most notably it is where Chuck and Blair get married.

Gossip Girl NYC Bethesda Terrace Chuck and Blair Married

6) The Pond, Central Park

Another iconic Gossip Girl film location in Central Park is the pond, located in the south eastern point of the park. You will recognise this spot from where Blair goes to feed the ducks.

7) New York Palace Hotel

The New York Palace Hotel is another iconic location for Gossip Girl fans as it is home to the Van der Woodson’s.


8) Empire Hotel

Another must visit hotel in New York City is the Empire Hotel, which appears in later seasons after Chuck Bass decides to invest in the hotel.


9) The Archibald Townhouse

You can also stop by Nate Archibald’s townhouse. The stately manor is located just off 5th avenue (4 E 74th Street).


10) The Humphrey Loft

The last Gossip Girl home to visit is the Humphrey loft, where Dan, Jenny, and Rufus live. The loft is located in Brooklyn almost directly under the Manhattan Bridge on Washington Street.

gossip girl humphrey loft

11) The Russian Tea Room

The beautiful Russian Tea Room makes a few appearances in Gossip Girl, most notably in the episode where Georgina Sparks is scamming Poppy. If you plan on visiting you will need to reserve in advance.


12) St. James Church

The final Gossip Girl film location you must visit in NYC is the beautiful St James Church on the Upper East Side. You will recognise it from the episode where Blair and Price Louis get married.


I hope you have fun living out your Gossip Girl dreams in New York City!

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