Most Instagrammable Photo Spots in Sydney

Sydney is my personal favourite city in Australia. The harbour, city skyline and beaches are like nothing in the world! You can spend the morning wandering around the city marvelling at the Opera House and Harbour Bridge and the afternoon swimming in the sea at Bondi. In this article I will share the most instagrammable photo spots in Sydney; covering the city centre, the most photogenic places along the coastline, unmissable seasonal events and insta-worthy cafés. I will include more iconic landmarks as well as secret spots only known by the locals!

If you’re looking to discover all of the most insta-worthy places in Sydney, as well as the best time to go and other top tips, this is the guide for you!

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Instagrammable Sydney City Centre

1) Sydney Opera House

Easily the most iconic landmark in Sydney, the Opera House has so many different angles from which to capture the perfect photo.

Find out the 13 Best Photo Spots of the Sydney Opera House.

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Singing in the @sydneyoperahouse would be such an amazing opera-tunity! 🎵🤣 :: :: When I was younger I used to sing really loudly in random shops in the hope that a talent scout would spot me and I would become famous and hang out with S club 7, you’ve got to reach for the stars right!🤣🙌 :: :: Do you have any embarrassing/funny stories from your childhood? 🧒 :: :: 📷 by @love.christina.xo and edited on @lightroom for desktop using my Golden Glow Pop Preset – swipe to see the before! #gingerpresets :: :: #ilovesydney #sydneylocal #sydneyoperahouse #seeaustralia #citygrammers #citizenfemme #blondesandcookies #speechlessplaces #prettylittletrips #sheisnotlost #darlingescapes #sheikestyle

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2) Sydney Harbour Bridge

Another must have Instagram photo in Sydney is of the Harbour Bridge.

The best places to shoot the bridge are:

  • Kirribilli
  • Hickson Road Reserve
  • Ives Steps Wharf

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3) Sydney Botanic Gardens

If you are planning to see the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge then make sure you check out the Botanic Gardens nearby. You have an incredible view of the harbour and city, as well as lots of flowers to shoot, plus it’s free!

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I tried to escape but the flowers kept pollen my leg 🤣💐 :::: @alexwandr and I stumbled across these wild flowers in the @rbgsydney, aren’t they gorgeous? 😍 :::: However when we visited it was a super overcast day ☁️ so I decided to use this as an opportunity to improve my @photoshop skills and change the background, this is surprisingly easy to do! :::: 1) use the quick selection tool to select the sky 2) right click and use select inverse 3) right click and layer via copy 4) hide the full image 5) import the sky in and resize it 6) move the sky layer below the foreground layer 7) make the final touches to the edit so the colours/light flows! :::: If you try it please tag me or DM me the results, I’d love to see what you create 😍 :::: After photoshopping the sky I used my Golden Glow Pop preset in @lightroom #gingerpresets :::: #ilovesydney #sydneylocal #royalbotanicgardens #sydneybotanicalgardens #awesomelifestyle #seeaustralia #visitnsw #iamtb #sheisnotlost #darlingescapes #speechlessplaces @canonaustralia

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4) North Sydney Olympic Pool

Can you imagine swimming in a pool whilst looking up at the Sydney Harbour bridge?! Come to the North Sydney Olympic Pool and dream no further! I would recommend coming midweek to have the least amount of people in your shot.

5) Green Square Library

Come to the reading room at the Green Square Library in Zetland to enjoy this insta-worthy rainbow wall of books! Admittance to the library is free, and you don’t need to be a member.

6) Lavender Bay

One of my favourite photo spots in Sydney, Lavender Bay has a beautiful view over the harbour as well as the cutest most instagrammable pontoon.

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7) Museums and Art Gallerys

Although the exhibits are constantly changing, keep an eye out on Sydney’s museums and art galleries for perfect photo opportunities. Find out which of Sydney’s Museums are free.

8) MacCallum Pool, Cremorne Point

Step away from Sydney Harbour to get another beautiful view of it. The MacCallum Pool in Cremorne Point is a great place to relax and cool off whilst enjoying Sydney’s most famous and photogenic landmarks. It is also not very busy so it’s easy to get that perfect Instagram photo!

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9) Wynyard Station

Head to Wynyard Station to check out this impressive sculpture which was created using the former wooden escalators! Make sure you bring your wide angle lens!

I would recommend shooting here on the weekend when there are less people about.

10) The Empty Birdcages at Angel Place

If you are exploring Sydney City Centre, make sure you stop at Angel Place near Pitt Street.

“Forgotten Songs” by Michael Thomas Hill, signifies the birds that once inhabited Sydney before the city built up. Standing underneath the birdcages you will hear the sounds of birds that once called Sydney home.

11) Kirribilli

Come to Kirribilli at night to capture the Sydney city sky line all lit up! This is a great spot for some long exposure shots of the city. If you want to take portraits make sure you bring some fairy lights.












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12) The University of Sydney

If you love Harry Potter then make sure you check out the quadrangle at the beautiful University of Sydney. The architecture will make you feel like you’re at Hogwarts! I shot this in the afternoon one weekend (less students around), there were only a few tourists around.









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 13) ANZAC Memorial

If you are into urban photography and history, I definitely recommend checking out the ANZAC Memorial in Hyde Park. The reflection pool makes for a peaceful place in the middle of the city and a great long exposure shot.










14) Luna Park

Nothing screams instagrammable Sydney more that bringing out your inner child with a few fun photos at Luna Park!








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15) Queen Victoria Building

The most beautiful shopping centre in Australia! The Queen Victoria Building is the perfect place to spend a couple of hours and take a few Instagram pictures. Make sure you check out the stained glass windows next to the central staircase.











16) Shipwrecks at Homebush Bay

If you are looking for a more unique photo spot in Sydney then make sure you check out the shipwrecks at Homebush Bay!






Sydney Coastline

17) Bondi Icebergs

You can’t come to Sydney and not take a photo of the Bondi Icebergs! Not only is it super photogenic but it does really well on Instagram too.







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Can't believe I live within walking distance of this place 😍 I would love to swim here but not during winter, seriously these people are cray cray ❄. . Would you go swimming in @icebergsclub with the waves crashing over into the pool? 🌊 . TRAVEL TIP: If you're in Bondi and after good food I would recommend @theanchorbondi for a good roast and then @gelatomessina for dessert! 🍦 . EDITING TIP: To get the beautiful blues in a swimming pool just increase the luminence for the blue and aqua! Edited on @lightroom desktop using my Smooth Blues 8 preset (decreasing the exposure and blacks) head to my story and I'll show you how! #gingerpresets . #ilovesydney #sydneylocal #icebergbondi #bondibeach #seeaustralia #beautifuldestinations #wonderfuldestinations #traveltagged

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18) Bronte Rock Pool

If you’re planning on walking the Bondi-Coogee Coastal walk make sure you stop to cool down in Bronte Rock Pool, entrance is free and it’s a super insta-worthy spot!

Shooting in winter or early morning will ensure that no one is in your shots (or just a bit of patience if you want to shoot against the rock wall)!

19) Bronte Beach

One of top beaches in Australia, Bronte has the free rock pool, lots of grass to lie on and plenty of cafés for brunch. Make sure you climb up the rocks near the rock pool for a perfect instagrammable view over the beach.





20) Diamond Bay

A great way to spend the day in Sydney is by exploring the Eastern Suburbs. Head over to Diamond Bay before 10am to enjoy these unique broken staircases and sparkling waters in full light.

*Please note that for safety reasons this area is now blocked off so you can’t go down anymore, however you can still take pictures from the path above*




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THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO EDITING ON LIGHTROOM! Complete with an explanation for all of the different tools and my top tips! (link in bio) 🎉 . Look at all the different colours in the sea! This is Diamond bay, located east of Sydney. If you go try to go before 10am so the sun is fully on the steps! 🌞 . I am simply loving living near the sea! I went to uni in Southampton (a port city), which was by the sea, but I never thought of it like that as there were no beaches I'd ever want to swim in 😂. I also lived for a year in Bordeaux which is an hour from the beach, but I didn't go as often as I thought I would… Now that I'm in Sydney, even though the weather isn't great for swimming, I've been down by the ocean every week! 🌊 . Have you ever lived by the sea? . EDITING TIP – head to my blog 😂. Edited on @Lightroom for desktop with my City Vibe preset, head to my shop to check them all out! #gingerpresets. . #misterzimi #ilovesydney #sydneylocal #seeaustralia #sheisnotlost #thetravelwomen #womenwhoexplore #darlingescapes #diamondbay #visitNSW #earthpix #awesomelifestyle #naturegramy @visitnsw

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21) Hornby Lighthouse

The cutest lighthouse in Sydney! Head over to the Hornby Lighthouse for some perfect Instagram shots.

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"If you're not living life on the edge, then you're taking up a little too much space" -Morgan Freeman (I hope you read this in his voice 👌) . If you come to Sydney I definitely recommend heading to Hornby lighthouse for sunset, you can walk there from Diamond bay (also amazing photo spot) along the coast to Watsons bay. 🌊 . I'm curious – how many of you have been to Australia before? 🐨 . INSTAGRAM TIP – Editing your photos is a great way to make them stand out! I talk about a few other ways to make your photos stand out (plus lots of other tips) in my new e-book on "How to Grow & Monetize Your Instagram" – link in bio. . 📷 by @thesewilddreams and edited on @lightroom for Desktop using my Sunrise Highs preset. You can shop my presets in my shop #gingerpresets 🌟 . #ilovesydney #sydneylocal #hornbylighthouse #seeaustralia #sheisnotlost #thetravelwomen #womenwhoexplore #darlingescapes #citizenfemme #visitNSW @visitnsw

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22) Shark Bay

Marvel at the beautiful calm waters of Sydney Harbour at shark bay, and don’t worry there’s a shark net to stop any unwanted visitors! This is also where you can start the Hermitage Foreshore Walk, one of my favourite walks in Sydney.


23) Parsley Bay

Near to Shark Bay you will find the cutest most insta-worthy bridge in Sydney. Come at high tide during the day for the best light.

24) Macquarie Lighthouse

Another photogenic spot in Sydney is Macquarie Lighthouse in Vancluse. It is the first, and longest serving, lighthouse site in Australia, and reminds me of the lighthouse in Byron Bay.

25) Watsons bay

Watch the sunset over Sydney city skyline from Watsons Bay. You can get take away fish and chips or eat in one of the local restaurants. Make sure you check out the super cute Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel for more Instagram pictures.



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Seasonal events in Sydney

Some of the most instagrammable Sydney spots are only during certain months of the year. Below are my favourite seasonal events in Sydney:

26) Vivid

For 3 weeks around May and June, Sydney comes alive at night with various beautiful light displays during Vivid. If you are into urban photography this is an event that you can’t miss!

27) McDougall Street for the Jacaranda Trees

In late October, early November head to McDougall Street in Kirribilli to catch the beautiful purple Jacaranda trees in bloom. This is a very popular photo spot so I would come early (around 7am) if you don’t want anyone in your shot (but you’ll need to be patient with cars).

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Twirling barefoot because I was wearing ugly shoes 💁‍♀️🤣 :: :: From the cherry blossoms in Japan to the Jacarandas in Australia! 🌸 Before coming to Australia I had never heard of a Jacaranda tree, yet it is hard to miss these purple beauties as they come into bloom at the end of October! 😍 :: :: We actually travelled to Japan for the cherry blossom season (highly recommend it is simply magical!) Have you ever travelled somewhere for a specific season or event? 🌍 :: :: TRAVEL TIP – McDougall Street in Kirribilli is the most iconic location in Sydney to see the Jacarandas as the road is lined with them on either side 😍 :: EDITING TIP – If you want to learn how to achieve a pastel edit on @lightroom Ive written a blog about it (link in bio) 🌟 :: 📷 by @love.christina.xo :: #ilovesydney #sydneylocal #mcdougallstreet #jacaranda #jacarandaseason #seeaustralia #citygrammers #sheisnotlost #citizenfemme #darlingescapes

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28) Sculpture by the Sea

Another great free event in Sydney is the Sculpture by the Sea. Here you can walk from Bondi to Tamarama enjoying all the various unique artwork. This is another hugely popular event so I would recommend going at sunrise to be able to enjoy it without the crowds.

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29) Christmas lights

Although Sydney won’t ever have a white Christmas, it’s still easy to get some festive photos in your Instagram feed thanks to the beautiful decorations that are put up in December.

Make sure you check out the decorations at:

  • The QVB
  • Pitt Street
  • George Street
  • Darling Harbour

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Instagrammable Sydney cafés and bars

30) Grounds of Alexandria

With the setup changing every couple of months the Grounds of Alexandria is an instagrammer’s dream and a must do on your trip to Sydney. Not only will you find great healthy food but the whole area has flowers and vintage decorations, making it the perfect spot for photos!

31) Cuppa Flower

Mix a cute flower shop with a café and you have Cuppa Flower! Their flower wall makes the perfect backdrop for photos and their food is super insta-worthy as well as tasty, make sure you try a Totoro cake! There are two Cuppa Flowers in Sydney with the cutest one being in Waterloo.

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A surefire way to make me smile is to show me inanimate objects with eyes, I just can't, they are too cute! I was cracking up at Cuppa Flower, just look at Totoro! 😍🤣 What makes you smile? :: :: Big thanks to @love.christina.xo, @am_wanderbliss, @doitforicecream and @overpackedsuitcase for an amazing brunch 🍴 :: :: Edited on @lightroom for desktop using my Golden Glow POP preset😍 #gingerpresets :: :: EDITING TIP – If you don’t like the lighting then you can change it in @lightroom! I use the brush tool and graduated and radial filter to darken certain areas and lighten others! Check out the before after in my stories 🙏 :: :: #ilovesydney #cuppaflower #sydneylocal #seeaustralia #citygrammers #citizenfemme #blondesandcookies #visitnsw #prettylittletrips #dametraveler

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32) Social Hideout

Just down the road from Cuppa Flower you’ll find a café which has hundreds of (fake) flowers hanging from the ceiling! Although the food at Social Hideout isn’t as good as Cuppa Flower there are a lot more photogenic spots.

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Last weekend @love.christina.xo and I went on a road trip to the Australian Botanic Gardens to see the Daisy fields only to find out that we were too late and the Daisy’s had been pulled out 😢🤣🙈 #fail :::: As we couldn’t see the flower fields we found this beautiful flower wall at @socialhideout 🌸 (there are flowers handing from the ceiling too inside 😍) :::: Other cute eating spots in Sydney include: @cuppaflower, @thegrounds, @haciendasydney, Establisment and @thebutlersydney. :::: 📷 by @love.christina.xo and edited by me 🌟 :::: #ilovesydney #sydneylocal #sydneyeats #socialhideout #citygrammers #sheisnotlost #citizenfemme #darlingescapes

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33) Hacienda

Enjoy views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at the cutest café in Circular Quay. Hacienda offers a range of cocktails as well as a funky photogenic interior.

34) Hotel Palisade

Another great place to enjoy a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge whilst sipping a drink is in the restaurant/bar at Hotel Palisade. Please be aware that DSLR camera’s are not allowed here so you will need to be super quick taking photos here or take them on your phone.

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35) Blu Bar on 36 at the Shangri-La Sydney

Another great bar to chill at whilst enjoying the view over Sydney Harbour is the Blu Bar on the 36th floor of the Shangri-La Hotel.

I hope this guide to the most instagrammable places in Sydney will help you to get all the best shots of this incredible city. If you are here for a few days make sure you check out the top instagrammable spots in the Blue Mountains.

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