The Ultimate Travel Dress – wrinkle resistant, zip pockets, quick-dry and more!

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that I love to wear dresses whilst travelling (even in the most inappropriate places!), and a lot of the time I am frustrated by the lack of practicality of my dress – having no pockets, worrying about all the wrinkles, being tripped up as it’s too long or my dress drinking in rainwater and ending up SOAKED during random monsoon downpours.

When Karyna, co-founder of the Kosan Go Travel Dress, reached out to me describing the 14 travel-friendly features of the dress, I knew this was a product I wanted to test out! The Kosan Go Travel Dress is the ultimate adventure girl companion. It has hidden pockets in the v-neck AND pockets with zips, it’s wrinkle resistant, quick to dry, and you can tailor the length of the dress to fit your needs, whether you’re exploring a city or visiting a temple!

“No one wants to worry about things like wrinkled fabric and bad odour while travelling,” says Karyna McLaren, co-founder of Kosan Travel Co. “We were fed up with the lack of options available, so we set out to change that. We created a dress that would keep you comfortable, safe and looking your best, without any compromise.”

I chose the red floral design as I love how it pops in photos. I am not the most curvaceous girl (more of an athletic build), so the wrap tie around the waist really helps to bring the dress in at the right place and I find the shape very flattering. I have taken the dress for a spin in the city, up a mountain and to the beach! I can’t get over the fact that it doesn’t wrinkle! I have a few dresses that I will iron and it will look great at the start of the day, but after a few hours of wearing it in the heat it gets all creased up (especially if I’m sat down). It is easily the most practical dress I’ve ever owned, I want one in every colour!

Are you looking for a cute dress that photographs well (#instalife) but also allows you to safely carry your passport/phone and doesn’t wrinkle in your backpack? The Kosan Go Travel Dress is the perfect dress for all your adventures! You can back the project on Kickstarter until November 30, the 30% off Early Bird reward is only until this Friday 16, so get in quick to get the best deal!



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