Guide to Visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park during Winter

When you think of Plitvice Lakes National Park, you probably imagine it during summer, with the sun shining and everyone swimming by the waterfalls. However it is just as magical during winter! Not only do you have the potential to see it covered in snow but there are hardly any crowds and tickets are a lot cheaper. If you are considering a trip to Croatia this winter then keep reading my Guide to Visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park during Winter.


When is the Winter Season in Croatia?

The winter season in Croatia starts on 1 November and runs until 31 March. If you are hoping to see Plitvice Lakes National Park covered in snow I would recommend visiting from December to February when temperatures below 0 are quite common.

Is Plitvice Lakes open during winter?

YES! Plitvice Lakes is open all winter, however parts of it will be closed due to weather. Check out the National Parks website for up to date information on what tour programs are open.


What is the Entrance Fee for Plitvice Lakes?

Over winter the Plitvice Lakes National Park Entrance Fee is only 60 kn during winter, in comparison to 250 kn during summer. You can book your tickets online up until one day before your chosen date, otherwise you can buy them on location.


Is Plitvice Lakes National Park crowded during winter?

High season for Plitvice Lakes National Park is during the summer holidays. If you want to avoid the crowds then I would definitely recommend visiting over winter time. There was hardly anyone there when I visited this winter.


Where to stay and how to get there

During the winter season most of the hotels run by Plitvice Lakes National park are closed, the only one which is open the whole year is Hotel Jezero.

As there isn’t much open in the area I would recommend staying in one of the main nearby cities (Zagreb, Split or Zadar) and making a day trip to Plitvice Lakes. As I was visiting the Christmas Markets in Zagreb I did a day trip from Zagreb. If you are looking to travel by public transport then I would recommend staying in Zagreb as there are more options available.

How cold is Croatia in winter?

Temperatures in Croatia drastically differ throughout the country, with Dubrovnik reaching highs of 7° to 14° whilst Plitvice Lakes National Park is around -4° to 5°. Real feel temperature at the lakes will be a lot cooler though so make sure you bundle up!

If you visit the park when it has snowed remember that this can lead to certain boardwalks being slippy, so make sure you wear sturdy shoes and be careful!


A summary to visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park during winter

  • It’s cheaper
  • Make sure you check the National Park’s website before going so you can see what tour programmes are open and also what entrance to use (in general only Entrance 1 is in operation during winter).
  • Go on a day trip from Zagreb, Split or Zadar as only one hotel is open near the park.
  • Opening hours are shorter due to shorter days.
  • The boardwalks can be slippy so wear sturdy shoes and be careful.


I hope you enjoy the beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park during winter time. Croatia is a beautiful country all year round and is definitely worth a visit during the colder season.

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