Most Instagrammable Spots in Dubrovnik (one day itinerary)

Dubrovnik is easily one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and a must visit if you come to Croatia. Walking around Dubrovnik’s Old Town you will feel like you are in an episode of Game of Thrones, exploring Kings Landing. Whether or not you are a Game of Thrones fan, Dubrovnik has to be on your bucket list! In this article I will detail the most instagrammable spots in Dubrovnik, photo spots that you can easily all visit in one day.

Most Instagrammable Spots in Dubrovnik

– City Walls
– Fort Lovrijenac
– Cersei’s Infamous Shame Stairs
– Stradun Street
– Luza I Gradski Zvonik
– Views from the top of the Cable car
– Banje Beach

Top Tips for the Most Instagrammable Spots in Dubrovnik

1) Stradun Street

Start your day around 7am exploring the old town, this way you will have it mostly to yourself. Stradun Street is definitely easier to appreciate when there aren’t as many people, and the morning light on the houses is so beautiful!
Even with the early hour you might need a bit of patience to take a photo here as there are a few vans making deliveries.

2) Luza I Gradski Zvonik

Walk down Stradun street towards Ploce gate and turn right into Luza I Gradski Zvonik to enjoy some beautiful architecture.
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3) Jesuit Staircase (Where to find Cerseis shame staircase)

Head to Gundulicev Spomenik square (you can find this on Google Maps) and you should be able to see the infamous staircase from Cersei’s walk of shame to the south of the square. I have included a map below so that you can easily see where to find Cersei’s shame staircase.

4) Dubrovnik’s City Walls (looking at Fort Lovrijenac)

After you’ve hit up these 3 most instagrammable spots in Dubrovnik’s Old Town it will be time to explore the city walls!
The city walls are open from 8am to 7:30pm, you can book your tickets online or buy them from the ticket office by Pile Gate. Tickets are 200 Kunas (around €27). The ticket price is quite steep but the walls help to give you a unique perspective over the city (making for awesome photo opportunities!)
You can enter the walls from either Pile Gate or Ploce Gate and you will then proceed in an anti clockwise direction. I entered the walls from Pile Gate as this is where we got our tickets from, even at 8am there were already quite a few people but it was still easy to take photos the whole way round.
If you enter from Pile gate your first instagrammable spot will be the view of Fort Lovrijenac. Head to the corner of the wall for the best angle.

5) Dubrovnik’s City Walls (Views over the city)

The main photo spots to capture the city are between Ploce gate and Pile gate (northern part of the walls). My favourite spot was at the top of the stairs just before Kula Drezvenik, as you have a raised ledge to take photos from and it’s a wider area so you can get more in if you want a person in your picture.

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6) Fort Lovrijenac

After you’ve finished the walk around the city walls (around 10am if you started at 8am) head over to Fort Lovrijenac for another unique view of the old town. Your city walls ticket includes access to Fort Lovrijenac (otherwise its 50 kunas) for the same day.
I would avoid going to the Fort in the afternoon as the shadow of the photographer will be visible on the photo.

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TOP TIP – If you decided against visting the city walls you can still get a beautiful instagrammable photo just before the fort (you dont need a ticket at this point).

7) Cute streets in Dubrovnik’s Old Town

Around 11am you will mostly be finished with all the instagrammable spots so you can use this time to relax and explore the old town a bit more.

Have a look up some of the smaller alley walls leading north away from Stradun street to find a lot of cute buildings with loads of plants!

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8) Banje Beach

Spend the afternoon chilling on the Banje beach with the most epic view of Dubrovnik!

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9) Cable Car with a view over Dubrovnik

The final instagrammable spot in Dubrovnik is the view from the top of the Cable Car. You can book your tickets online, or from the cable car station. A round trip is €22.50.
TOP TIP – Go near the end of the day to enjoy watching the sunset over Dubrovnik.

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I hope you have a wonderful day in Kings Landing, I mean Dubrovnik! If you’re into Game of Thrones make sure to check out the Game of Thrones tour!
I would recommend trying to find accommodation within the old town so that it’s easy to explore (and you wont have to start your day so early). I stayed at the Live Laugh Love which was a really beautiful modern private room and located just off the main street!
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