Top Things To Do at Lake Bled

When you think of Slovenia, your first thought is probably of the iconic Lake Bled. Located less than an hours drive north of Ljubljana, as well as near the Julian Alps, Bled is very popular with tourists, and for good reason. Lake Bled is like something out of a fairytale, and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. Here are the top things to do at Lake Bled.

Top Things to do at Lake Bled

1) Go boating on Lake bled

The number one thing to do in Lake Bled is to go out on the lake. My personal favourite way to do this is in a rowing boat. It made me feel like I was rowing to Hogwarts!

There are places all around the lake to hire boats from. The ones on the east side of the lake are €15 for the first hour and the ones to the west of the lake are €10 an hour. I hired mine from Grand Hotel Toplice. They are open 7am-7pm during the summer. One hour gives you enough time to row around the island and take photos, so I would give yourself another hour if you wish to visit the island.

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What do you call a ginger rowing really fast on Lake Bled (AKA Hogwarts)? …..Ginny Wheeze-ly 👩🏼‍🦰🚣‍♀️ :::: Rowing around Lake Bled was a dream come true! I really felt like a Hogwarts student 😍⚡️ :::: EDITING TIP – After adding my @lightroom preset I like to play around with the tools to add the final touches. On this picture I added a radial filter over my face and increased the exposure so that it was more visible! ✨ :::: If you want to learn more about how to make the most of your photos when editing then check out my new ebook on How to Take Better Photos for Instagram! 📷 :::: TRAVEL TIP – There are places all around the lake to hire boats from. The ones on the east side of the lake are €15 for the first hour and the ones to the west of the lake are €10 an hour. They are open 7am-7pm during the summer 🚣‍♂️ :::: 📷 by @alexwandr on my @samsungmobile S10+ #withgalaxy :::: #thewanderlustfamily #gingerpresets #lakebled #bledlake #slovenia #ifeelslovenia #visitslovenia #discoverearth #explorerbabes #womenwhoexplore #iamtb

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2) Walk around the lake

Another great way to take in the full magic of Lake Bled is by walking the circumference. It will give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy multiple different angles of Bled Castle and the Church of Assumption.

The path is 6km long and is paved and mostly flat the whole way along so it’s an easy walk for all fitness levels.

lake bled-1-6

3) Go swimming in the lake

Before visiting Lake Bled I thought you would be able to swim absolutely anywhere in the lake but this isn’t the case, which makes sense as there are quite a few rowing boats. There are dedicated swimming areas and the ones to the east of the lake are private (thus you must pay), the main one is Grajsko Kopališče (aka the Castle Bathing Area) which has relaxing sun loungers and umbrellas (to rent) as well as floaties in the water. Otherwise if you stay at the lakeside hotel Vila Bled, you can enjoy the private beach area there.

If you are after a free swimming experience head to the camping area to the west of Lake Bled.

4) Paraglide over Lake Bled

So you’ve been on, around and in Lake Bled but how about ABOVE?! If, like me, you crave adventure then you should discover Lake Bled from above with Altitude Activities.

Tick paragliding off your bucket list in the most epic location, enjoy a Birdseye view of Lake Bled and the Julian Alps whilst also getting your adrenalin fix!  A tandem paragliding experience over Lake Bled lasts around 10 to 30 minutes and costs €120.

Photo by Altitude Activities

5) Hike up to the Ojstrica viewpoint

To the west of Lake Bled you will find two viewpoints which will give you a breathtaking view over the lake. These are popular spots for sunrise as you will be able to see the sun rising on the other side of the lake.

The first viewpoint is around a 20 minute hike (it’s super steep!) and then the second viewpoint is another 20 minute hike (so 40 minutes total). It is well marked once you’re there and you can also find Ojstrica viewpoint on Google Maps.

lake bled-1-8

6) Visit Bled Castle

Bled Castle is the symbol of Bled and Slovenia as well as being the oldest castle in Slovenia. Tickets are €11 and the castle offers magnificent views over the lake. As the castle is covered it’s a great place to discover on a rainy day. Bled castle is accessible by road, and the car park is located a short (but steep) walk from the castle. You can also walk up from the lake.

If you’re after a more unique dining experience you can also chose to eat at Bled Castle.

lake bled-1-7

7) Go tobogganing!

During the Summer months, another adventurous activity to do at Lake Bled is to sledge down Straža Hill on a toboggan! In the winter you can ski or board on this small slope (503-634m).

summer-sledding-bledPhoto by FineStaySlovenia

Things to do near Lake Bled

8) Vintgar gorge

A few kilometres outside of Bled Town is the incredible Vintgar Gorge. The perfectly clear turquoise waters cut through the surrounding rocks and you can walk down through the gorge on a boardwalk. The gorge is 1.5km long and once you get to the end you can either chose to come back the way you came or you can get a bus back to the parking (€4) or Lake Bled (€5).

lake bled-1-16

TOP TIP – Vintgar Gorge is open from 7am to 7pm. I would advise going early as it is a popular tourist attraction and the boardwalks are quite narrow. I was there 8-9am which was perfect.

Entrance fee is €10 per person, plus €5 for parking.

9) Day trip to Lake Bohinj

If you are spending a few days by Lake Bled then you might want to consider exploring another iconic Slovenian lake, Lake Bohinj. It’s only a 30 minute drive from Lake Bled and there are a number of buses going there if you haven’t rented a car. Lake Bohinj is a lot more swimmer friendly and is bordered by the Julian Alps.

lake bled-1-19

Best time to go to Lake Bled

I would advise going between April – October for the best weather at Lake Bled. However if you want a wintery wonderland then try going January-February!

I went during the summer holidays (which usually I would avoid) but was pleasantly surprised at how un-crowded it seemed. It was only the roads that seemed quite busy (and we had to book our accommodation in advance).


I hope you have a wonderful time in Lake Bled, whether you just come for a day trip from Ljubljana or spend a few days there. I would recommend a road trip around Slovenia, in order to fully appreciate all this beautiful country has to offer.

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  1. I really wanted to go to Lake Bled during my first solo trip to Europe but ran out of time. It is still very high on my bucket list but haven’t had an opportunity to get there yet, but your post is inspiring me to make it more of a priority!

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