Best Photo Spots for the Pink Hutt Lagoon in Western Australia

No it is not photoshopped, the Hutt Lagoon really is as pink as photos suggest! During my Western Australia road trip I knew I had to make a stop to see this pink lake for myself. Especially as the other iconic pink lake (Lake Hillier near Esperance) is only accessible by helicopter. As the Hutt Lagoon is quite big I have shared the best photo spots for you to get an insta-worthy picture of this beautiful pink lake.







Why is the Hutt Lagoon pink?

The pink of the Hutt Lagoon comes from the presence of a carotenoid producing algae, Dunaliella salina, which is a source of beta-carotene, used as a food-colouring agent and source of vitamin a in cosmetics and supplements. This is a similar algae to the one that flamingoes eat which turns them the beautiful shade of pink that they are.

How to get to the Hutt Lagoon

The Hutt Lagoon is the easiest pink lake to access in Western Australia. It is located next to the road, just a 30 minutes drive from Kalbarri National Park, making it the perfect stop for your west coast road trip.

Best time to go to the Hutt Lagoon

I would suggest going around midday (10am-2pm) when the sun is at it’s highest and making the pink lake appear even more vibrant.

Best photo spots of the Hutt Lagoon

1) The beautiful double pink gradient

Just south of the world’s largest microalgae production plant you will find a little spot to drive in towards the east side of the lake. Here you will find a division that you can walk across that separates two beautiful shades of pink. It looks just as beautiful from below as it does from above!

pink lake (1)

2) The perfect ‘floating in a strawberry milkshake’ photo

Big thanks to @_aswewander for sharing the location of their beautiful photo from the Hutt Lagoon. When the lake is full you can go into the water however please be aware that the water is incredibly salty so don’t put your head under, and I wouldn’t go in if you have any cuts!

pink lake (2)

3) Pink and green gradient

Just north of the microalgae production plant you’ll find a little spot to park in and from here you can admire the different green and pink gradients of the Hutt Lagoon. The colours and lines make it an especially aesthetically pleasing instagram photo by drone!

pink lake (3)

4) The road next to the Pink Lake

On your drive up to the Hutt Lagoon lookout (it’s on Google) you will be on a road alongside the pink lake with no foliage to block your view. This is also where you will find the pink lake sign.

pink lake (4)

5) A photo in front of a pink sea

This photo is taken in the same place and number one. The Pink part is super pink and expansive, so it’s perfect for an instagram picture!

Be careful walking in though as the mud was hard and cut my feet, I would suggest just staying on the salt beach.

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What do you pink of this lake? 😍 :::: I just wanted to share a little #bts of this photo…. #instavsreality :::: Although it might look like I'm dreamily walking off on top of a pink sky, I was actually slightly sinking into this gross black mud which turned out to be sharp, I didnt realise at first but it actually cut my feet a bit 😱 :::: The pink lake is SUPER salty, and I'm sure I dont need to explain what salt on a fresh cut feels like 😭 I ran straight out and poured water on my feet, luckily I managed to capture this photo first, but not sure I would recommend doing the same 🙈 :::: 📌 Head to my new blog post for more info on the best photo spots at the Hutt Lagoon (link in bio) :::: 📷 by @alexwandr and edited on @lightroom with my Golden Glow Pop preset #gingerpresets :::: #pinklake #huttlagoon #westernaustralia #justanotherdayinwa #seeaustralia #naturegramy #womenwhoexplore #darlingescapes #sheisnotlost #iamtb

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I hope you enjoy this beautiful piece of nature on your Western Australia road trip, the Hutt Lagoon is really such a unique place!

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