Childhood Dream Come True – The Gibbon Experience

Ever since those lazy childhood summers spent building dens in the woods and swimming in lakes, I have always dreamt of sleeping in a treehouse.

Thanks to the Gibbon Experience in Laos, I was finally able to realise that dream in the most awesome way. Not only is the treehouse located in the middle of the jungle but you have to zipline from mountain to mountain to get there!

I booked the “Express” package which consists of 2 days and 1 night in a treehouse. If you want a higher chance of seeing gibbons, and a less intense hike, then you’re better off booking the 3 days 2 nights “Classic” package. Check out their website for more information.

Hopefully my blog will give you a better idea on what to expect!


Be warned you will be carrying your bag with you for the uphill trek into the jungle and on the ziplines, so pack light!

The Gibbon Experience provide you with sheets (including a duvet) and a towel, so you don’t need to bring that.

1) You’ll need 1 bottle of water which you can then refill at the treehouse as the water there is filtered!
2) ‎”Active” clothes – think leggings, t-shirt and sneakers. TOP TIP – I would advise against wearing short shorts as then the harness digs in!
3) ‎Warm clothes for the evening
4) ‎Toiletries – toothbrush, shower gel etc… There was soap and toilet paper there though.
5) ‎Mosquito repellant
6) Theres an opportunity to swim in the freezing Mekong at the end of the second day if you want to bring your swim stuff!
7) A pack of cards or some little game to play with your treehouse friends
8) Camera
9) External battery (there are no plugs in the treehouse as I’m sure you imagined)

Lunch, snacks and dinner plus breakfast and lunch on the second day are included so no need to bring snacks with you either. (Seriously so much tasty local food, plus they cater for vegetarians as well!)

Gibbon experiene-44


The most epic ziplines ever! Not only are they super long (around 300-500m!) But you get to fly over the most breathtaking scenery.

Unfortunately it’s super hard to take good photos whilst ziplining but I’ve got a few action shots!

Gibbon experiene-98.jpg

On the first day we did a total of 9 ziplines, plus another to zipline into the treehouse itself! The second day we set out before breakfast (and without backpacks woo!) to do 4 ziplines, we then returned to the treehouse for breakfast before taking 7 ziplines to leave the jungle.

Gibbon experiene-27

No worries if you’ve never ziplined before it’s very straight forward. You will watch a safety video before leaving and your 2 instructors will repeat the main safety precautions to you when you’re on the line, just in case.

Gibbon experiene-9.jpg


The treehouse of dreams with a beautiful panoramic view of the jungle!

We arrived at the treehouse around 3pm and then had the afternoon to chill, spot local wildlife and watch the sunset. There are little lights for the nighttime so you will be able to enjoy a game of cards with your treehouse buddies.

The treehouse I stayed in could sleep up to 10 but we were only 6 plus 2 instructors. There are barriers but no actual “walls” so you can really be one with nature! Each couple has a “mosquito/insect guard” which is a sheet hung up from the ceiling, and this also helps to keep the warmth in and give you some privacy.

Be ready for the most scenic (and refreshing) shower of your life! There is also a hole in the floor style toilet within the treehouse, so you can do your business whilst staring at the stars! As I mentioned before they also have filtered water so you can drink straight from the tap too.

Gibbon experiene-74

Overall I can say this whole experience has been nothing short of magical! Not only for the treehouse and ziplines, but also for the time spent with local guides, the amazing food shared and the various sounds and sights of nature. The Gibbon Experience is an awesome way to safely experience the Laos jungle!

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