If You Want to Travel More, Make Sure You Do These 5 Things

The excitement and sense of adventure that comes with travelling is something that is hard to sum up in words. More and more of us are getting bitten by the bug and striking out into the world in search of new and enriching experiences. The next generation of millennials and Generation Z are always on the look out for travel bargains so that they can travel more, they also prioritise travel when selecting a new job, with 39% of them claiming they wouldn’t take a job that didn’t offer some option of travel.

But how do we make travel more a part of our lives and what do we do if we want to travel more?

Here are five tips that should make sure you travel more:

1) Collect air miles

The race to collect air miles has become an industry in its own right and it’s easy to see why. Websites like The Points Guy and how to turn left for less, provide a strategic and successful plan for collecting and then spending air miles in the most effective way possible. It is a brilliant way of travelling for less and often in more luxurious cabins.

Much of it revolves around choosing the right credit card and using that card to pay for your household bills, goods and spending. And in return, you get to build your miles accounts up until you can convert it into a flight!


2) Choose a job that gives you wings

The world has never been smaller and doing business, in many instances, now involves
getting on planes regularly for meetings, conferences and to visit offices in your company that are stationed in various places around the world. So how do you end up in one of these jobs? Well, it’s not always straightforward but there are certainly things to look out for that can help.

Working for a company with a global presence is certainly one way – think Facebook,
Google, Amazon etc. All of these brands have offices in almost every major city on Earth
and the need and reasons to travel between them can be plentiful if you end up in the right job. Some 30% of workers freely admit they would be happier to take a drop in wages if it meant they were in a job with regular business trips.

3) Rent out your place

The cost of travel remains a barrier. But what if you rented your home out while you were away to cover the cost of your accommodation abroad? There are a number of different sites allowing you to rent out your house, apartment or room, and it’s a great way to add more money to your travel budget!

Alternatively finding free accommodation is a great way to save money, whether you stay with locals on Couchsurfing or you use Trusted Housesitters to look after someones pet.


4) Work remotely

What if it didn’t matter where you did your job? What if you could work in London one day and Paris the next? Remote working is on the rise. Obviously, it isn’t something everyone can do, but if you do find yourself in a job that doesn’t require you to be in an office or, indeed, in any one place, the world can, quite literally, be your oyster.

There are a lot of remote job opportunities around, especially if you have experience in your field. Alternatively you could look at teaching english online.

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5) Live and work abroad

This might not be for everyone, but the easiest way to travel a lot is to live and work abroad! I have now lived in three different countries, and have found it the best way to really experience the country in its entirety. If you are under 30 you might want to look at the working holiday visa which a lot of countries offer.




I hope these tips help to bring you one step closer to a life filled with travel!

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