5 Australian Travel Destinations You May Not Have In Mind

In 2018, more than 9.1 million visitors flocked to the land down under for an epic holiday filled with activities and sightseeing. When people visit Australia, they typically explore the key tourist cities like Melbourne and Sydney; while they are beautiful travel destinations with so much to see and do, Australia is a massive continent with so much more to give. Australia is filled with hidden gems and some of the least popular destinations can actually turn out to be your favourite places to visit. Here are just five underrated Australian travel destinations that you should definitely keep in mind on your Aussie adventure.

1. Norfolk Island

Once occupied by convicts, the stunning island is now the centre of paradise and a delight to explore. Ideal for travellers wanting to get away from it all, the tranquil environment is perfect for anyone wanting to switch off and appreciate the beauty of nature. Relax on the white sands of Emily Bay, or visit a monument such as the iconic St Barnabus Castle.



2. Darwin

For those hoping for a more culture-filled Australian getaway, Darwin is the ideal location for you. Museums and landmarks tell the story of the indigenous people and their way of life. Perfect for animal lovers, there are many aquariums and attractions to see if you find yourself in Darwin, including Crocsaurus Cove which is home to the exotic
saltwater crocodile.


3. Coral Coast

Western Australia is a massive state bursting with culture and things to do, but most tourists seem to forget about the Coral Coast. Travellers on a road trip can spend up to 14 days exploring the giant coastline, admiring the scenic views during their journey. Snorkelling is a popular tourist activity in Coral Coast, where you can admire the eclectic marine life and even swim among dolphins and whale sharks.


4. Australian Alps

Most people associate Australia with sunshine and barbecues, but did you know that you could also go skiing between June and August? There are some great slopes in Victoria including those on the majestic Mount Hotham. Whether you’re a novice skier or more advanced, you’re guaranteed to have fun on these alpine peaks!


5. Central Coast

If you’re looking for an Australian getaway that’s a little more fast-paced, Central Coast in New South Wales will be perfect for you. Here you can look forward to long-distance hikes through Bouddi National Park and you could even try your hand at some watersports. Whatever activity you decide to partake in, make sure you have the right cover.


Travel insurance is not compulsory for visitors to Australia, but it is highly recommended if you want to avoid paying massive medical bills and cancellation fees. Whether your Australian adventure is filled with adrenaline pumping activities or you’re just planning on relaxing and taking it easy, make sure you’re fully covered. Once that’s sorted, get packed, grab your passport, and enjoy your Oz adventure!


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