The Amazing Secret Ha Long Cruise

Going to Vietnam and not enjoying Ha Long Bay from the sea is like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel tower!

It’s a super easy experience to book as there are many different boats operating. I chose the Secret Ha Long Cruise for a number of reasons:

  • It’s a small boat which can only have a maximum of 22 people.
  • The name intrigued me.
  • The website is really well put together and they have an awesome video to show you what to expect from the 2 days onboard.

Scroll down for a promotional code to use for the Secret Ha long Cruise!

Halong Bay Viewpoint-4.jpg

As the boat doesn’t leave until midday, if you stay the night before in Ha Long City you can climb Bai Tho Mountain for an eipc view!


First things first the boat has the epic iconic red sails that make you feel like you’re on a boat from a fantasy book!

They have found a secret spot to moor at night so you will spend the evening and morning completely alone with the breath taking view of the limestone karsts (hence the name the SECRET Ha Long Cruise!)

Halong Bay day 1-64

The boat is only 3 years old and the interior is beautifully varnished wood to give the feel of an old time classic boat. They have 9 cabins in total to sleep couples plus 1 triple and 1 single, a lounge/dining area and a large sundeck on the top floor. The wonderful friendly staff will immediately put you at ease and make you feel like you’re at home! They even put on a little performance for us, now that’s entertainment!

Halong Bay day 1-4

Included in your package is lunch, dinner, breakfast and brunch. Food is plentiful, extremely tasty and the presentation is jaw dropping – just look at this bird carved out of (what I think is) a carrot!

Halong Bay day 1-129.jpg

Have a go at making (and tasting) you’re own fresh spring rolls. They are super easy to make, as long as you have all the ingredients.

They were able to cater to dietary requirements, even my non-fish eating ways! Just make sure you let them know in advance.

Halong Bay day 1-9


There are approximately 1,969 islands of varying size over an area of 434 sq. km. These limestone karsts have been created by coastal erosion over the course of hundreds of thousands of years, the landscape is so dramatic and paired with the unbelievably green waters it really is a sight that everyone must see with their own eyes!

Did you know that Ha Long Bay means the Bay of the Descending Dragon!?

Halong Bay day 1-45


As part of the Secret Ha Long Cruise we were able to go kayaking amongst the karsts. This was definitely the best place I have ever been kayaking! The only bad point was that I came across a fair amount of litter, a sight that is unfortunately far too common across SE Asia.

Halong Bay day 1-57

Our next activity was an introduction to the local fishing technique. They had an extremely long net and we helped to bang sticks in order to scare fish/shrimps towards the net. It was interesting to see this process and humbling how hard they need to work to make the tiniest of profits.

Halong Bay day 1-79

Make sure you wake up in time to enjoy the Tai Chi lesson! I can’t believe I have never tried this before and I will definitely be doing it again. It is the perfect way to start your day as it is both relaxing, energising and a great work out!

Halong Bay Day 2-8

I was so sad to leave the boat, it was an incredible experience, with wonderful people! The staff really went above and beyond to ensure we had the perfect experience, they even kayaked with some customers who had never tried it before. If you’re thinking of heading to Ha Long Bay make sure you check out the Secret Ha Long Cruise and use code TGW10 to get 10% off!

You can also contact them on:
Hotline: +(84) 16 78 25 35 55

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10 thoughts on “The Amazing Secret Ha Long Cruise

  1. Hi Ellie,
    I will be in Hanoi at the end of the month and I am considering booking this cruise 🙂 Did you take the transportation from Hanoi that the company offered? Was this an extra fee per person? Or do you suggest taking our own transportation?


    1. It was 10$ per person each way which is the standard (if not slightly cheaper) cost. We only took it back to Hanoi as we arrived one day earlier to Ha Long bay so we could climb Bai Tho Mountain!

  2. Hello 🙂
    This looks amazing! I am just planning our trip to go there and I really love this. Only think I am wondering is price for 2 people for this trip, because I couldn’t find it on their websites.
    Thank you for answering!

    1. Hey just send them an email (including the discount code in my blog) and then they’ll send you the discounted price for 2 people – they have a range of rooms too so will also depend on that 😊 enjoy!

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