How to get to the Secret Sea Cliff Bridge Viewpoint

The Sea Cliff Bridge is a beautiful suspended road that seamlessly serpentines over the coastline. Most tourists just walk or drive over the 665m long bridge, as they have no idea where to go for aerial views of this iconic Illawarra landmark. The way to the viewpoint is hidden and you will need to scramble through a bush, but it is 100% worth it! Here is a brief guide on how to get to the secret sea cliff bridge viewpoint for some truly beautiful photos.

If you’re planning on making a day trip here, you can visit the Figure 8 pools on your way.


1) Getting to the Sea Cliff Bridge

The Sea Cliff Bridge stretches between Clifton and Coalcliff, about 70km south of the Sydney CBD, and not far from the Royal National Park. We hired a car and parked in the parking area along the road (conveniently located right near the entrance to the viewpoint). However it is possible to catch a train to Scarborough station and walk the short distance to the bridge.

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2) Finding the entrance to the Sea Cliff Bridge viewpoint

Crossing the bridge heading south, you will see a very small parking area right at the end of the bridge, to the left of the road where there’s a bend. It’s labeled on Google Maps and is easy to find.

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The entrance to the viewpoint is located just on the other side of the road to the parking, just before the Sea Cliff Bridge sign. It is possible to park on the side of the entrance, so you might see a few cars here too. There is a slight hole in the bush, located just in front of the blue car in this photo.


3) Which path to take

Once you are through the hole, you will need to scramble up a slope for about 10 metres and then turn right. You can also take a path to the left, but it is a lot longer!

There are a few yellow or red ties along the path to help you, but it is pretty much self explanatory as the way is worn down.

It will take you around 15-20 minutes to arrive at the viewpoint.  Make sure you head back down before the sunsets, as the path is quite overgrown and steep.

illawarra-seacliff-bridgePhoto by William Patino

I hope you enjoy the spectacular Sea Cliff Bridge from this viewpoint! If you’re planning on making a day trip from Sydney, I would suggest visiting the figure 8 pools and this bridge in one go!


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